PC Sun Kinda Judge

pc sun kinda judge

  • PC Sun Kinda Judge b. 2015

    • 2021 PC Frosty Rare Bar
  • PC Sun Kinda Chick full sibling to:

    • PC Sun Chick 1D Money Earner and 1D Producer

    • PC Chickie Frost 1D Money Earner

  • PC Sun Kinda Chick maternal 1/2 siblings:​

    • Vaneagles Flyer by Freedom Flyer sire of:​

      • DC Dualin Eagles- Junior Martha Joesy Champion​

      • PC Frosted Freedom- Sub 20 Pole Bender/Heel Money Earner

      • PC Twice The Freedom- Money Earning Header

    • Vaneagles Check by Jet of Honor dam of:

      • Frosted Jet of Honor 1D/American Qualifer​

    • Check Heidi Ho by Hi Rollin Deal- Fut Money Earner​

    • Chick Checkum by Rackum On Man- Fut Money Earner

Rocket Wrangler AAA

Find A Buyer  TB

                                     Dash For Cash AAAT

Judge Cash AAAT

                                     Mary Mito AAA

                                     Sun Frost

PC Sun Kinda Judge

                                     Vaneagles Chick

Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

Mito Paint  TB

Shelly Leo Bar

Chick Check 

Vaneagle Gobar