3 Yr Old Fillies

PC Rare Sun Tully- 2019 Bay Mare

A stout filly that will go any direction you want her to and then produce outstanding foals!



Docs Jack Frost

Prissy Cline 

Boon Dox John  

Joseys Rose 

                                      Rare Bar AAAT

Rare Sun Bar 

                                      PC Sanlady Frost 

Rare Jet AAAT

Miss Fair Dolly AA

Sun Frost 

Stan San Lady 

IMG_2687 (2).JPG

                                      Sun Frost 

PC Tully Frost 

                                      PC Dox Gemini Rose

                                Lone Drifter

PC Redwood Ike

                                Miss Sun Sox

Driftwood Ike

Moore Yen 

Sun Frost

Miss John 3

                                PC Dox Cajun

PC Tessas Cajun

                                PC Contessa Frost

Boon Dox John

PC Cajun Lady

Sun Frost

PC Docs Oakwood

PC Tessawood- 2019 Bay Mare

Mid July foal, but what a filly! Count on Tessas's colts to be cowy, athletic and ready to go! She is a 7/8 sister to "Brown Suga", who made it to the final eight as a header in the American with Clint Sumner.  This is the kind of filly that will outcross with a cow or speed bred stallion after she has won you some money!


19 tessas cajun