2 Yr Old Studs

2020 Red Roan Stud

We are riding a full brother to this colt; He is an outstanding gelding that would have made stud status! This has been a great cross!

20 frosty contessa


                                       Sun Frost

PC Marwood Sun

                                       Redwood Mari

Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

Orphan Drift

Miss 3 John

                                       Playboy Peppy Elvis

NRR Frosty Contessa 

                                       PC Contessa Frost

Freckles Playboy

Litten Lena

Sun Frost

PC Docs Oakwood

2020  Sorrel Gelding

"Monday" colt is starting to really shape up into an upstanding colt! He loves to play in the pen and is a smooth mover! The Sunday Sail bloodline has been a diversified one with the mighty "Tuesday" leading the way!


First Down Dash  AAAT

Sudden Fame  AAA

                                      Dash Ta Fame AAAT

John Fame 

                                      Im Thinkin Money 

Financially AAA

Your Lane Or Mine AA

                                      Sun Frost

PC Sun Day Vous

                                      Sunday Sail

Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

Topsail Cody

Leahs Bay Leo

20 sunday vous

2020 Palomino Stud

Looks like he is going to be a big mature horse. We have liked the Runnerelse crossed onto Tully! He is a kind one!


20 reddy to run


Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

                                      Sun Frost

PC Tully Frost

                                      PC Dox Gemini Rose

Boon Dox John

Joesys Rose

                                      PC Reddy Frost

PC Reddy To Run

                                      RH Run Alexis

Sun Frost

Rockette Special


RR Sonoita Nadine

2020 Sorrel Stud

The PC Docs Sugar Chain colts are all around athletes with exceptional minds, we expect this to be an awesome cross built to do it all!

20 docs sugar chain

                                      Royal Quick Dash AAAT

Royal Shake Em AAAT 

                                      Shake Em Six AAA

Frist Down Dash AAAT

Harems Choice AA

Streakin Six AAAT

Shake It to Em AAA

                                      Docs Oaks Sugar

PC Docs Sugar Chain

                                      PC Chainy Frost

Doc's Oak

Miss Sugar Bingo

Sun Frost

John's Blacky

                              Confederate Leader

Epic Leader

                              Fireater Fiesta

Special Leader AAAT

Southern Streaker AAA

Firewater Flit AA

Mighty Mindy

                               Sun Frost

PC Joe Te Frost

                               Scooper Chickatee

Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

Joe Tee

Lynn Anderson

2020 Sorrel Stud

This colt has got the moves! He is fun to watch and he knows where his feet are!


20 joe te frost

                                    Sun Frost

PC Frosty Rare Bar

                                    Rare Dee

Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

Rare Bar AAAT

Rebels High Bid

                                     PC Sun Wood

PC Katy Sunwood

                                     PC Katewood

Sun Frost

Cowan Kittten

Lone Drifter

PC Katy Dox

2020 Bay Gelding

This colt is a fireball and electric! PC Katy Sunwood has two full siblings that made top notch headers with a lot of gas! We look for her crossed on PC Frosty Rare Bar to be exceptional.


20 katy sunwood