Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

                                      Sun Frost

PC Frosty Rare Bar

                                      Rare Dee

Rare Bar AAAT

Rebels High Bid

                                      Docs Oaks Sugar

PC Oak Em Kate 

                                      PC Peppy Kate 

Docs Oak 

Miss Sugar Bingo 

Tuff Time Peppy

Cross Fire Kate 

18 oak em kate

PC Frost Em Doc- 2018 Bay Stud

This fella is quite the looker! The Docs Oaks Sugar daughters are just such solid producers and Cross Fire Kate is in the pedigree of many top of the line performers! He is well broke and started breakaway! This horse will be a program stallion!

PC Runnin Ike- 2018 Bay Gelding

This colt is super nice, started with some rides and he is electric. Can't wait to see this horse go somewhere! The Ike's are natural ropers and barrel horses! Started well and now being ranch rode and started roping. 

Driftwood Ike

Moore Yen AAA

                                      Lone Drifter

PC Redwood Ike

                                      Miss Sun Sox

Sun Frost

Miss John 3

                                     PC Sun Wood

PC Sun Runner

                                     Runner Elsie

Sun Frost

Cowan Kitten

Runner Else

Alarkin Lady AA

18 sun runner

PC Judge Kelsun- 2018 Grey Gelding

Beautiful, fluid mover out of Bree's famous "Nicky"; he should make a superstar! He is electric! Started!


18 nikita wood

Rocket Wrangler

Find A Buyer TB

                                Dash For Cash AAAT

Judge Cash AAAT

                                Mary Mito AAAT

Mito Paint  TB

Shelly Leo Bar AAA

                                PC Sun Wood

PC Nikita Wood

                                PC Frenchmans Nicole

Sun Frost

Cowan Kitten

Sun Frost

Leige Jet