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Boons Prophecy

boons prophecy

Boon Bar

Dude's Queen

                                      Boon Dox John

PC Boonlacious

                                      Sun Lace

                                      Docs Oaks Sugar

PC Docs Prophiness

                                      PC Oakita Boon

Doc's Oak

Susie's Bay

Sun Frost

Poco Cokey

Boon Dox John

Docs Frosts Fancy

  • Boons Prophecy b. 2016

    • PC Docs Prophiness full sister to PC Oakita Boon

    • maternal 1/2 sib in blood to PC Sunkita Boon

    • PC Boonlacious 3/4 sib to PC Dox Cajun

      • Rodeo/Peformance sire for Gunn Ranch​

    • Sun Lace dam of:

      • PC Boonlacious

      • PC Lacy Lox dam of: ​​

        • PC Logans Run- Money Earning Calf Horse​

        • PC Lockwood Lace dam of:

          • T4 Broodmare PC Lonsun Lace​

          • Broodmare PC Suntrific

      • PC Bonita Lady dam of:​​

        • PC Strika Frost- 1D Barrel Money Earner​

      • PC Driftin Lace dam of:​

        • PC Judge Cashnlace Fut/Derby/1D Money Earner​

          • WPRA 1D Futurity Champion

      • PC Soon To Boon dam of:​​

        •  PC Sydney Frost: dam of

          • Frosted French Silk- 1D Barrels

        • PC Soonto Frost- Money Earning Header​​~

        • PC Boodles of Cash dam of​:

          • Bundle of Cash- PRCA Dogging Horse​

        • T4 Broodmare PC Dox Lace​

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