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PC Docs Oakwood

pc docs oakwood

  • PC  Docs Oakwood b. 1990 dam of:

    • T4 Broodmare PC Poco Doc Chikini dam of:​​​​
      • PC Docs Cashin 1D Money Earner
      • No No Chikini 1D Money Earner​
    • T4 Broodmare PC Dusty Oakwood
    • PC Sun Chilena dam of

      • Man of Fame- Futurity Winner, American Qaulifier

      • Bud's Famous Sun- WPRA and 1D Money Earner and American Qualifier

      • Our Fearless Fame- Fut/1D Money Earner

    • T4 Broodmare PC Contessa Frost dam of

      • PC Cajunized- Performance Sire

      • PC Cajunistic-Performance Sire

      • T4 Broodmare PC Tessas Cajun

      • T4 Broodmare NRR Frosty Contessa

    •  PC Jackson Frost sire of

      • two  American Qualifiers- very limited get has over $70,000 in progeny earnings

  • Maternal 1/2 sibling to:​​

    • T4 Broodmare PC Acapoco Sun dam of:​

      • T4 Broodmare PC Annie Oaks​

      • PC Lonewood Ike- $500,000 Header

    • PC Pocohontus dam of:​

      • T4 Stallion PC Dox Boondito​

    • PC Frosty Wood- Performance/Barrel Sire​

PC Stellar Frost


pc stellar frost.JPG

  • PC Stellar Frost b. 1991 dam of

    • PC Frosted Stellar dam of:

      • DH Stellar Jess- 3rd BFA 2017 BFA Futurity

        • American Semi Finals Record Holder

        • Hailey Kinsel back up horse 

      • DH Mighty Stellar- 1D Money Earner

    • PC Boons Jack Frost sire of:

      • Famous Chuck 2017 3rd place Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year

    • T4 Broodmare PC Stellar Playgirl

    • T4 Broodmare PC Stellar Perks

    • Broodmare PC Sun Ambrosia dam of:

      • T4 Broodmare PC Cajun Ambrosia​

  •  Full sister to PC Boston Bob Barrel/Rodeo Sire

    • JC Truly Bob- 1D/WPRA Money Earner

  • Full sister to PC Miss Boon Wood dam of:​

    • Performance/Rodeo sire Perkster​

    • 1D Money Earner Bo Be Famous

    • 1D Money Earner Wood Be Famous

pc peppy kate

PC Peppy Kate

  • PC Peppy Kate b. 1991 dam of:

    • PC Oak Em Kate 3/4 sibling to 
      • PC Docs Badger T4 ranch remuda

      • T4 Broodmare PC Tuff Timen Oaks

    • PC Mr Sun Peppy Barrel/Performance Sire for Treasure State Quarter Horses

    • PC Cline Frost Barrel/Performance Sire for Hodges Farms

    • PC Citisun Cline and PC Frost Em Peppy Barrel/Performance Sires for Jamison Ranch

    • Hodges Farm broodmare PC Frost Em Kate

    • T4 Broodmare PC Sunfire Kate

  • Cross Fire Kate dam of:

    • PC Fire N Smoak Barrel/Performance Sire

    • T4 Broodmare PC Katy Dox

    • Broodmare PC Surefire Winner

      • Surefires Dashing Fut/1D/WPRA Money​

      • Surefires Perks Fut Money Earner

      • Surefires Holyroller 1D Money earner

    • T4 Broodmare PC Miss Priss Oaks dam of:

      • PC Miss Priss Alive Rodeo/1D Money​

    • T4 Rodeo Remuda PC Cline Dust

PC Cajun Lady

pc cajun lady

  • PC Cajun Lady b 1985 dam of:

    • Deceased T4 Sire PC Dox Cajun Performance/Barrel Sire

    • T4 Broodmare PC Docs Oakaleta 

    • T4 Broodmare PC Sugarleta Oaks dam of:

      • DH Sugarleta Corona -1D Barrels​

    • PC Ikewood Oaks- Performance Horse Sire

    • PC Cajun Oaks - T4 Rodeo Remuda Breakaway, Steer Wrestling,  Tie Down, Flags 

    • PC Jokers Wild AQHA points, Cutting 

  • 7/8 sibling to T4 Sires PC Sun Wood, PC Gunner Wood and PC Stan Wood

  • 1/2 maternal sibling to Fanny Fashion dam of:

    • CM Sak Em A Bronsin- Multi 1D Barrels Producer​

  • Paternal 1/2 sibling to:​

    • PC Frenchmans Hayday 1D Barrels/PRCA Heeler Multi Million Sire​

    • Frenchmans Guy- Multi Million Sire

    • PC Frosty Bid- 1D Barrels- Perf/Barrels Sire

    • Frosty Feelins- NFR Barrel Money Earner

    • French Flash Hawk aka "Bozo" Multi WPRA World Champion

PC Dox Gemini Rose

pc dox gemini rose

  • PC Dox Gemini Rose b. 1990 dam of:

    • T4 Performance/Barrel Sire PC Tully Frost

    • T4 Broodmare PC Rosalie Frost

      • Broodmare PC Dusty Rosetta​

      • Junior Sire PC Suns N Roses

    • Performance Sire -PC Joes Frost

      • 100 plus AQHA points​

    • PC Rose Frost dam of multi rodeo money earners​

    • T4 Broodmare PC Roses Boondust​

  • Full sister to PC Joesys Rose dam of:

    • Streakin Dox- WPRA Money Earner

    • Barrel/ Rope Sire Streakin Boon Dox

      • 400 plus AQHA points 

    • PC Bonny Rose Frost dam of:

      • 1D/WPRA Money Earner Sunfrosted Cat​

  • Dam Joesy's Rose full sister to Brian Fulton's "Catus" NFR Dogging and Calf Roping Horse

PC Chainy Frost

pc chainy frost

  • PC Chainy Frost b. 1988 dam of:

    • PC Oaks Chainman AQHA ROM Heeling​
    • T4 Broodmare PC Docs Sugar Chain
    • PC Redman Oaks- Reining Cowhorse Money Earner 
  • Sun Frost- John Red bred horses

    • PC Redwood Manny- Peformance/Barrel Sire

    • PC Marzwood- PRCA head horse/ AQHA world qualifier- Performance Sire

    • PC Frosty Jayjay- Barrel sire
    • T4 Broodmare PC Mari Madisun
    • T4 Sire PC Marwood Sun 
    • T4 Broodmare PC Redwood Lady
  • 3/4 sibling to PC Lace N Leather Dakota Classic Cutting Futurity Champion- dam of:

    • PC Leatherwood- 1D Barrel Sire​

    • PC Bay Cougar-1D Barrel Sire

  • 3/4 sibling to Pat Cowan Performance/Rodeo Sire

  • 3/4 sibling to Miss Sun Sox dam of:

    • T4 Barrel/Rope sire PC Redwood Ike​

    • Deceased T4 Broodmare PC Sophia Oaks dam of:

      • T4 Broodmare PC Sophia Frost- 1D Barrel Producer

PC Pocohontus


  • PC Pocohontus b. 1992 - dam of

    • T4 Stallion PC Dox Boondito

    • Ranch horse sire PC Docs Oak Wood

    • Broodmare PC Chena Oaks

    • Broodmare PC Ike Is Honest

  • Full sister to Performance sire PC Frosty Wood

  • Full sister to PC Acapoco Sun dam of

    • PC Lonewood Ike (Frisco) $500K heading earnings

    • PC Poco Lockwood (T-Bone)

    • T4 Broodmare PC Annie Oaks

  • Maternal 1/2 sister to PC Docs Oakwood dam of

    • Barrel sire PC Jacksun Frost

    • Broodmare PC Sun Chilena

    • Broodmare PC Contessa Frost

    • T4 Broodmare PC Poco Doc Chikini

PC Sanlady Frost

sanlady frost

  • PC Sanlady Frost b.  1988 dam of:

    • T4 Deceased Broodmare Rare Sun Bar dam of:​

      • PC Judge Berare 1D Barrels​

    • T4 Deceased Broodmare PC San Boodini dam of ​:

      • PC Sugar San Boon Calf Roping AQHA​

      • T4 Broodmare PC Last Sundini

      • PC Boonella Sunville- Hodges Farms Broodmare

    • PC Docs Dini Oaks- Treasure State Broodmare

    • PC San Sugar Oaks- Performance Sire​

    • PC Cajun Country- Ranch Sire

  • Dam Miss Cindywood full sister to:​

    • Ciderwood - Performance Sire​

    • Cowboy Drift- Performance Sire

PC Kimber Dox


  • PC Kimber Dox b. 1990 dam of:

    • ​PC Kimber Frost dam of:​

      • Shake Em Boon 1D/WPRA Barrels​

      • Broodmare Shesa Dynamite Frost

      • Wily Frosty Wood- Performance Sire

    • T4 Broodmare PC Kim A Gunnin

    • T4 Broodmare PC Dusty Berlyn

    • PC Oaks Orphan Dox- Performance Sire

    • PC Kim Dox Frost dam of:

      • Gallo De Vaquero​

      • Rooster Dox Frost​​

  • Full sister to T4 Rodeo Remuda PC Bar Drift  "Amigo"​

  • Dam Cowan Kitten dam of:

    • T4 Stallion PC Sun Wood
    • T4 Stallion PC Gunner Wood
    • T4 Broodmare PC Sun Kitten dam of:
      • T4 Broodmare PC Kittini Oaks​
    • Broodmare PC Wades World dam of:

      • PC Wades Frost- Ranch/Performance Sire

      • Broodmare PC Worlds of Cash dam of:

        • BB Runnin On Time 1D/American  Qual.           

        • BB French Native 1D/WRPA​​

      • 1D Money Earner PC Laughin Oakdrift

      • Jamison Ranch Broodmare PC Dusty Wadina

      • Broodmare PC Whirl Wood dam of:

        • Driftin Whirlwood NFR Calf Horse​

PC Sun Jewels

  • PC Sun Jewels b. 2001

  • Full Sister to PC Sunfrosts Playboy

    • Money Earning Heeler​

  • Maternal 1/2 Sibling to PC Peppy Playgirl dam of:

    • PC Paysun Frost Ranch/Perf Sire

    • PC Peppy Play Frost Rodeo/Barrels/Perf Sire

    • Broodmare PC Sunny Playgirl 

    • PC Badger Oaks- T4 Rodeo Remuda

  • Sun Frost sire of:

    • PC Frenchmans Hayday Multi Million Sire​

      • 1D Barrels/PRCA Heeler

    • Frenchmans Guy- Multi Million Sire

    • PC Frosty Bid- 1D Barrels- Perf/Barrel Sire

    • Frosty Feelins- NFR Barrel Money Earner

    • French Flash Hawk aka "Bozo"- Multi WPRA World Champion


PC Katewood

  • PC Katewood  b. 1998 dam of:

    • PC Doublewood- $70k plus heading earnings

    • PC Lone Sunwood- Performance Sire

    • PC Lone Paywood-Performance Sire

    • PC Katy Sunwood- T4 Broodmare

    • Lantern Ranch PC Katy Sundrift

  • dam full sister to

    • Broodmare PC Prissy Boon Bar

    • Broodmare PC Dox Crossing
  • Cross Fire Kate dam of
    • T4 Rodeo Remuda PC Dusty Cline
    • T4 Broodmare PC Miss Priss Oaks dam of
      • 1D Money Earner PC Miss Priss Alive
      • 2016 By Judge Cash
      • 2017 By Judge Cash
    • Barrel/Perf Sire PC Fire N Smoak 
    • Broodmare PC Surefire Winner dam of
      • Performance Sire Flying Z Ace
      • Sure Fires Dashing Futurity Money Earner/Short Go BFA Futurity
      • Surefire Perks- Futurity Money Earner/1D/WPRA 17.0 on a standard pattern
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