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NRR Frosty Contessa

nrr frosty contessa

Jewel's Leo Bar

Gay Jay

                                      Freckles Playboy

Playboy Peppy Elvis

                                      Litten Lena

Peppy San Badger

Dolly Olena

                                      Sun Frost

PC Contessa Frost

                                      PC Docs Oakwood

Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

Docs Oaks Sugar

Poc Wood

  • NRR Frosty Contessa-2008- dam of:

    • 2017 PC Marwood Sun gelding

    • 2018 PC Marwood Sun mare

    • 2020 PC Marwood Sun Red Roan stud

  • Maternal 1/2  sister to:

    • Performance/Ranch Sires PC Cajunized,

    • Performance/Ranch Sire PC Cajunistic

    •  T4 Broodmare PC Tessas Cajun

  • PC Contessa Frost  full sister to:

    • PC Sun Chilena dam of:

      • Man of Fame- Futurity/Derby/WRPA/1D, American Qualifier

      • Bud's Famous Sun Fut/Derby/WPRA/1D American Qualifier

      • Our Fearless Fame 2020 Fut 

    • PC Jackson Frost sire of two 2018 American Qualifiers with $70K prog earn. with limited get

    • PC Poco Doc Chikini dam of:

      • 1D Money Earner No No Chikini
      • 1D Money Earner PC Docs Cashin
      • 2013 Royal Shake Em gelding
      • 2017 Judge Cash gelding
      • 2018 John Fame mare
      • 2019 Royal Shake Em mare
      • 2020 Epic Leader mare


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