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PC Bella Frost

bella frost

Doc Bar

Chantella AAA

                                      Doc's Jack Frost

Sun Frost

                                      Prissy Cline

Driftwood Ike

Jospehine El

                                      Highly Significant

Rebels High Bid

                                      Bunnys Rebel

The Signature

Hi Tiffy

Bunny Bid

Patsy Cause

  • PC Bella Frost 2002 Chestnut mare dam of:

    • Redwood Bella Ike -1D Money Earner

    • PC Frosted Ike- Money Earning Header​

    • PC High On Cash- 1D Money Earner

  • full sibling to Header PC Frostbidden

  •  3/4 sibling to 

    • Sire PC Frosty Bid

      • 1D/WPRA Money Earner

    • Broodmare PC Decadent Frost dam of:

      • Seis N Frost-Fut/1D Money Earner​

      • Smooth Bunny- Fut/1D Money Earner

      • Felice Seis Fut/1D Money Earner

    • Sherry Cervi's PC Gee Gee Frost

      • Fut/Derby/WPRA Money Earner

    • T4 Sire PC Frosty Rare Bar

    • Broodmare PC Geemeneeze Frost

      • 1D Money Earner Geemeneeze Fling

      • Sire JC Streakin Frost

  • Paternal 1/2 sibling to:​

    • PC Frenchmans Hayday- Multi Million Sire​

    • Frenchmans Guy- Multi Million Sire

    • PC Frosty Bid- 1D Barrels Perf/Barrel Sire

    • Frosty Feelins- NFR Barrel Money Earner

    • French Flash Hawk aka "Bozo" - Multi WPRA World Champion

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