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PC Cashfrostic

pc cashfrostic

  • PC Cashfrostic b. 2015

    • 2021 PC Katwood Oaks
    • Lisa Lockhart's "Louie"-Doc's Oak- Sugar Bars- Judge Cash combination
  • PC Calfrostic

    • Full sister to​

      • PC Frosty Caliber Performance Sire Schaack Ranch

        • Sire of Wynn Schaack's PRCA Dogging Horse​

    • Cal Bar- full sibling to Boon Bar

Rocket Wrangler AAA

Find A Buyer  TB

                                     Dash For Cash AAAT

Judge Cash AAAT

                                     Mary Mito AAA

                                     Sun Frost

PC Calfrostic

                                     Cals Foxy Bay

Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

Mito Paint  TB

Shelly Leo Bar

Cal Bar

Little Foxy Bay

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