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PC Dusty Berlyn

Photo In Progress

  • PC Dusty Berlyn 2013 

  • PC Kimber Dox full sibling to Rodeo Remuda "Amigo"

  • Cowan Kitten dam of:

    • T4 Sires PC Sun Wood and PC Gunner Wood
    • PC Kimber Frost dam of:

      • Shake Em Boon 1D/WPA Money Earner

      • 2015 Royal Shake Em

      • Broodmare Shesa Dynamite Frost

      • Perf Sire Wily Frosty Wood

      • Perf Sire PC Oaks Orphan Dox

      • T4 Broodmare PC Kim A Gunnin

      • Broodmare PC Kim Dox Frost dam of:

        • Gallo De Vaquero

        • Rooster Dox Frost

  • PC Dusty Berlyn bred similar to Frenchmans Falcon, Frenchmans Fancyfree and Frenchmans Pheonix

Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

                                      Sun Frost

PC Laughing Sundust

                                      Miss Girl Bars

                                     Boon Dox John

PC Kimber Dox

                                     Cowan Kitten

Boon Bar

Dude's Queen

Laughing Boy

Surena Reed

Orphan Drift

Poco Cokey

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