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PC Roses Boondust

pc roses boondust

  • PC Roses Boondust b.  2010 

  • 3/4 genetics to

    • PC Tully Frost- T4 Barrel/Performance Sire

    •  Performance Sire PC Joes Frost- 100 AQHA points

    • Harrell Ranch Broodmare PC Rose Frost

  • PC Dox Gemini Rose full sister to PC Joesy Dox dam of:

    • Streakin Dox- WPRA Money Earner

    • Streakin Boon Dox- 400 plus AQHA points 

    • PC Bonny Rose Frost dam of

      • Sunfrosted Cat 1D/WPRA Money Earner

  • Joesy's Rose full sister to Brian Fulton's "Cactus" NFR Dogging and Calf Roping Horse

  • PC Laughing Sundust Barrel/Perf Sire with limited get- 3/4 brother to Frenchmans Guy

  • PC Roses Boondust bred similar to Frenchmans Pheonix, Frenchmans Falcon and Frenchmans Fancyfree

Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

                                      Sun Frost

PC Laughing Sundust

                                      Miss Girl Bars

                                     Boon Dox John

PC Dox Gemini Rose

                                     Joesy's Rose

Boon Bar

Dude's Queen

Laughing Boy

Surena Reed

Bar None Joe AAA

Crow River Sioux

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