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PC Tessas Cajun

Boon Bar

Dude's Queen

                                     Boon Dox John

PC Dox Cajun

                                     PC Cajun Lady

                                     Sun Frost

PC Contessa Frost

                                     PC Docs Oakwood

Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

Sun Frost

Leta Drift

Docs Oaks Sugar

Poc Wood

  • PC Tessas Cajun b. 2005 dam of:

    • PC Reddy Contender- Heading $Earn

    • PC Rarely Contested- All Around Performance

  • Full sibling to:

    • Performance Sire PC Cajunized

    • Performance Sire PC Cajunistic

  • Maternal 1/2 sister to

    • T4 Broodmare NRR Frosty Contessa

  • PC Contessa Frost full sibling to:

    •  PC Sun Chilena dam of:

      • Man of Fame- Fut/Derby/1D/WPRA $Earn  American Qualifier

      • Bud's Famous Sun- Fut/Derby/1D/WPRA $Earn, American Qualifer

      • Our Fearless Fame Fut/1D $Earn

    •  PC Jackson Frost sire of two 2018 American Qualifiers with very limited get has over $70,000 in progeny earnings

    • PC Poco Doc Chikini dam of:

      • No No Chikini 1D $Earn

      • Docs Cashin 1D $Earn

      • PC Downtown Fame 1D $Earn

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