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PC Toorare Toshare

pc toorare toshare

  • PC Toorare Toshare b.  2011 

  • 3/4genetics to T4 Broodmare Rare Sun Bar

  • PC Sun Shaly dam of:

    • Charming Shaly Barrel $Earn

    • Broodmare PC Oaken Shaly

  • dam PC Sun Shaly 3/4genetics to:​

    • T4 Broodmare PC Redwood Lady​

    • T4 Broodmare PC Cajun Lady 

    • T4 Sires PC Gunner Wood, PC Sun Wood, PC Stan Wood, PC Cowan Survivor

Fast Jet

Rare View

                                     Rare Jet

Rare Bar AAAT

                                     Miss Fair Dolly

Fol's Native

Lady Ramble Doll

                                     Sun Frost

PC Sun Shaly

                                     Redwood Patti

Doc's Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

Orphan Drift

Johns Sal

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